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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A thought from Singapore

What would it be?
Oh wow! Yayy!!
Hi all.
I am today 36 weeks and 5days.
And today, I've got a package from my sister in Singapore. Thank you Siska! It's a starter kit from Tommee Tippee which incluce 2 x 5oz bottles, 2 x 9oz bottles, a pacifier and brushes. Thank youuuu sis!!! It helps! Since we haven't bought any bottles yet :)

They was in Malaysia during my baby shower last week but they were in Langkawi for holiday to celebrate their anniversary. Too bad they can't join us :( Anyway thank you very much siska! I will surely sterilized the bottle first before use it. But Sterilizer tak ada lagii.. How?! Lol.

Meet Md Shaqeel Kaysan 4 months, Siska's little Hero! Auntie misses you so much tahu takk!?? Tunggu anak auntie depart then you both can be pen pal ok like your mom and me aite, doll! :)


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