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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Baby Shower

Date: April 2nd, 2011. 
Time: 8.00pm
Theme: White, Blue & Brown

Like I promise, here are some of the pictures from my baby's god father, Ejoy Esmail @ Ayah Ejoy! Ceewah! Haha. Thank you very mucho Ejoy for capturing every moment so that I can share to my loved one soon :)

The red velvet pram cake from Auntie Azyan!
Thank you ladies :)  

Everyone's ready. Muka semua nak menang :)

And the winner
I ♥ them!

I love you, sweetheart! Thank you for helping! :)

Aaaaaaaaaakk.. We had so much FUN!
You + Me 

So then again, thank you from both of us to everyone for coming and my best friend Azyan for hosting the baby shower for us :) I couldn't stop thanked every one since that night.

So dear baby boy, do you see and feel how much everyone cared and loved you? Ayah and Bonda hope that you had so much fun like we did. We love you son! Can't wait to see you and have you in our arms. 
Jadi-lah anak yang soleh and a good big brother.InsyaAllah.(fyi,you're kicking hard while I'm writing this post) 


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