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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I feel so much love!

As all if you know, I'm in week 35 now. And after next week, I am counting days. Everything is shown now, my hands are getting bigger and bolder :) My face and especially nose is wider. Everything in me is 3 times bigger :) I am now 69.7kg. Woohoo! Eventhough, somehow sikit-sikit I feel unsecured but I feel so much love when people around me told that I still look stunning. Awwwh! No seriously, I really need that now :) 

Anyway, just to keep all of you updated. There will be an event hosted by my best friend, Azyan Agil, the one who threw a surprise bridal shower for me last year. Familiar? Mestila kan :) It will be this Saturday, April 2nd 2011. Eight at night.
There will be good foods of course! We'll play fun games for sure as well as  enjoy the company of old and new friends :)

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful people around me, the baby and I feel so much love. Not only just because of this baby shower but also when people call me and concerned about our health and conditions :)
Thank you very mucho.


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