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Friday, September 3, 2010

New Life

Bismillahirahmanirahim ..

Hiii!! I've been neglecting my blog again. And when I stop writing , I cramped, I don't know how to start! 

Okay, so contemplating whether to tell you guys or not (ceee.. tapi kat facebook seems everyone knows everything more than I do) but, yea! lemme say it's officially ..

I'm going to be a mommy!!!!!!! And, we're going to be a parents!

Alhamdulillah :) The good news was actually last Sunday, Aug 29th, 1pm. Hehe. I did the test alone in the bathroom at my place, fadhil was with me through out the entire process virtually :) Pfft! We are extremely happy and blessed :) Rezeki bulan Ramadhan yang kita tak pernah sangka, kan sayang :) 
Oh well, entah mcm mana everyone know in facebook. Macam kena spam-lah! Hehe but anyways, thank you everyone for the wishes. We both appreciate it so much! :) Hugs!

Oh anyway, g! this little one has taking all my energy, all I want is only sleep! But luckily, I've no morning sickness (yet!) I hope not!! You know-la-kan, I'm away with my sweetheart so please go go away sickness! I need a strong motivation now. Ugh! Only Allah knows how much me and baby miss you,daddy! To mucho! 
Promise after this no more separation okay ;( . Okay tamau sedih2!

So today, I went to this Community Clinic in Laguna Beach with my brother, Aan or soon to be Pak-Cik because he's the third one in my siblings. Haha Guest what he wants his niece/nephew calls him? ...' Uncle Tiger, Uncle Aan Tiger..' Haha! 

ps: I wish, I could tagged along my husband to meet the doctor, but!.. It's Okay :) I don't wanna be sad and that's not good for my baby :)) So Thank you Uncle Tiger for bringing mommy to the clinic :)

Thank god for giving me this baby/ wonderful news during the most respectful month, Ramadhan and a man who's there for me throughout everything and never stop loving me and our Family, InsyaAllah, Alhamdulillah.

Ramadhan Kereem
Putri Fadwriz.

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alialalala said...

take care of urself n dat tiny little creature in ur tummy