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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Wednesday and yet I'm still not packing !

Hiiii!! Sorry for keeping you guys away these days. It's very near before I say bye-bye! I hated it, i really do. As much as I hate that the fact that I'm leaving, you have no idea how much I hate the departure hall at the airport. It's terrible! 
Oh well, enough with that sob story! :) So how's your Ramadhan? .. Alhamdulillah :) 
It;s my first Ramadhan as a wife, and it's been so wonderful, syukur! I loved it! We had to be very fair to everybody so one night here, one night at mine :) And, I have to say.. I ate alot!! Hehe

Hey! Ejoy, my friend, sounds familiar-kan? Yes! We went out last Monday together with Donut and gf, Wanie. We went out for breakfasting at Ole-ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid. OMG! The 5 of us went nuts! LOCO! Hahahaaa... I had the great time with them before the departure. Thanks to Allah :) 

Here is the video made by Ejoy, I watched it for 10times still can't stoppppp laughing! I terharu gilaaaaaaaaaaaaa ejoy!!! why ejoy whyy!!! hehe. anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it!
See you soon!

Thanks Ejoy, appreciated it! 
Loco Pedro!


fara.rahman said...

cute video u have there putri! i'm so touched with the last word. comels gile!! sume pon mcm tgh high mcm dalm cite that 70's show tu. haha..funny funny, walaupun tak tau ape yg korang tgh ckp sebenarnye..hehe..

Hana Ibrahim said...

hahaha kelakar k video ni especially yang konon konon nangis sakan sebelah Fadhil tu. Hahahaha tak leh blah

putrirex said...

fara :) thank you fara. i pon terharuu baca yang last tu. i really miss them alot!! haha semua mmg tgh high. lebih sugar! hehe

hana :D hehe. ejoy yang over kan! lol. i tengok balik pon gelak tak ingat. :)

Miss S said...

nice video.. u guys are cute couple! hope everything is ok with u overthere take care love!

btw, i love ur blog dear..
dont stop writting! keep it coming..