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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hang on there, Putri!

Quick updates:

Saturday, Aug 21st:
I was very sorrow in flight, I slept along the journey. And suddenly my nose bleeding. I panicked.
Arrived in LAX at 8.15pm, flight delayed nearly 2 hours.
My mom straight away took me to tarawikh :) 
Alhamdulillah, I felt very calm, grateful and fell just like home!
Though, I miss Malaysia too bad!

    Manis nya :) 

Sunday, Aug 22nd:
I hardly sleep. Jetlag. I miss my husband tooooo bad! My eyes dropped w/out my knowings! ;(
Later in the afternoon, my mom brought me to Best Buy to buy a phone :)
I now have a phone with the coolest plan ever which I can call/text/mms local and international unlimited!!! Gimme your bb pin :) hehe

Monday, Aug 23rd:
Done 2 important things.
1. Reopened my bank account at Bank of America
2. I missed place my social security card, and so I applied a new one. This is very important or else I can't work. Hehe

and Today, Aug 24th:
Again, always and forever, I'm missing Fadhillll a lot! very muchhh!! ;(
I think I'm gonna take my mind out of this for a sec, and watch movie. I don't care!

Before I signing off, Thank you very much everyone for your support, well lately, I am actually quite down and facebook-less  even though I hv BB, I don't feel like I want to chat or BBM or what ever they call it. I'm new! hehe. 
I'll be fine, don't worry. InsyaAllah :) It may just take sometimes to get use of this. 
Thank you again and I love you all very much ok!

Ya-Allah, kau permudahkan-lah segalanya dan berikan-lah aku kekuatan, Amin.
Putri F. 


Hana Ibrahim said...

be strong babe!!! wow ada bb!!! add me babes!!!

miSz cHa said...

take care kak put3..
luv ya

Anonymous said...

sheila: putri, b strong...take care...*love ya*xoxo