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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm not your super crazy fan, but if I happen to bump into you ...

Good morning smart people!
I'm on youtube and been listening to all Robert Pattinson's song all morning. Ugh! Warning, please don't listen to any of his song if you are recovering from heart broken/ emotionally breakdown or mood swing, because all of his song doesn't help. Unlike me, in the office/ put on my headphone/ thinking of my life and my love life in 10 years time.. Haha.

Okay! Speaking of that, Happy 24th Bithday Robert Pattionson. And lemme tell you, (i think you already) youre one sexy guy on television. I'm not your typical fan, I'm just someone who like your easy style and your sexiness sometimes make me and my fiance into quarrel. Hahahaa..Oh boy! I just don't wanna talk about you and him because I don't wanna compare :) And if I happen to bump into him at Rodeo Street, I might be crazy jugak la! haha .So again, Happy 24th Pattionson, gimme 5!

Nuff said.

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