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Monday, May 10, 2010

Before his long vacation, the Tokyo G!

* Recommended 


The Siamese Twins. LOL! 

Hey Whadup G!? How's weekend treating yaw'll? Haha. Damn son! What's happening here. What's up with the slang? Haha. Whatever.

Here again, my recommendation and you all should try and dine at this place, Tokyo.g! We had the 'buy 3 free 1' meals which I totally forgot what's the name of the meal we had just now. Don't worry, the menu is pretty much has a picture on each dishes. I can't stand if a menu just full of fonts and no pictures or * no chef recommendation  because I'm so indecisive  when it turns to food then I'll be very panicky .. :p

Oh! Speaking of that, you know .... Fadhil is leaving me for a week!! He'll be in Bandung for the whole weekdays with 3 others guy friends. How am I not so Paranoid la kan hari ni. Haha. Mmg I la paling mengada hari ni sebab I kena nak kena tinggal. :) Tapi still, I think he deserves a small gateway! He's been working too much lately! I don't know how he handles all that :) I'm so proud of you,man! You are the only exception.. (haha.. tiba2) 
Anyways, you have fun in Bandung, Sayang! Don't listen to Hayley (Paramore)too much because you'll miss me alot! Just enjoy your trip and embrace the awesomeness alright!? Have a safe flight and a safe flight home too. Jangan lupa sembahyang. 

Your perky Fiancée (no doubt!) haha 

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