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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another day

Shuffle mode on: Billionaire by Travie Maccoy feat Bruno Mars

Hey family and friends. Im in my office :) Haha I think this is the best time to write something because it's so fresh! And the song billionaire is so making my day :) How's your Wednesday,yesterday? Hehe.

Mine was nothing much except after work, I met Fadhil at One U, he called me at 6.10pm and asked if I wanna watch Iron Man 2? I was like, ' dude!can't you be more last min?' hehe, luckily everything was smooth on the road. I was there sharp 6.30pm siap parking lagi. Fadhil waited me at the parking lot (we usually park at this one place so he knows where). Ohh! What a long day at work and balik2 nampak loved one depan mata :)) (gatai kan!) okayy.. and the movie started!

.... I have to say, please don't go and watch Iron Man 2. I actually don't like the movie. I mean the story line is boringggggg.. but everything was superb! I don't know about you. but I want to emphasis here, the story line doesn't make any sense. The editing was marvelous and they are all talented people. And, you know, while watching the movie. Someone was actually on my mind, she's my high school friend which out of nowhere she suddenly crossed my mind. She's doing her master in something with environment (I'm really sorry I can't recall) but I think if she and all her course mates watch and they can actually make that movie for their assignment. Sebab?! Kalau Iron Man is really real in this world. He contributes a large number to global warming (GW) ugh! I was actually sad tau while watching Iron Man sbb he is soooo one gigantic spoiled brat! Booo.. Haha. Okay. Hey! No negative thoughts allowed remember?! LOLed.

Here are some cool picture I've recently loved. Hope you enjoy it!

Don't skip your breakfast if you have this symptom

Cool isn't it? This is actually real, City of Fate, TX. 
Dude! How does that work? And the shadow back you does'nt seem quite right? Im confused. Anyways, this is brilliant!
I wanna go!
Speaking of camera, how awesome is this Poloroid Swinger? I'd love to have one just to look at it :p
 ..and this one is super splendid! Nice one!


fara.rahman said...

Putri, go watch Ip Man 2!! best!! u'll fall in love with him..heheh

putrirex said...

i dah tgk! boring!!!!! story line lame la fara. tapi everything the technology and etc were brilliant!

u suka!? hehe.. i like the first one better :D