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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Zoom Malaysia

Mood: Extremely excited!

Assalamulaikum wbt, Hi ;) I went to Kuala Gandah,Pahang last Thursday to meet my long lost friends. I had pretty much fun. It took 2 hours driving, it was a fun trip except for the super scary Karak Highway. But, Alhamdulillah nothing really happened. Well, it wasn't a day trip, we stayed over at a homestay at Kg Bolok for 1 day. Here are some of my friends i'd love to introduce..

Hey lazy beary! Get up! *shame on you! ;)

Oh dear!

Meet Selendang, my baby elef! ;) Tears dropped while playing with those elephants ;/

That's all for now. I will definitely come back to Kuala Gandah with my loved one pulak next time ;) As I promised him. So people, I think you guys HAVE to visit Kuala Gandah now!, because its now under government. I heard that soon enough it will be taken care by Private Company. Now you don't have to pay for entrance or feeding or anything! just give them a donations, but if will be taken care of a Private Sector; think what will it cost you? For instance ;entrance fee RM5, Feeding the Elef Rm3, Ridding the Elef rm 5, Bathing with the Elef another what RM1o??! No!!. so get your ass and meet my friends okay! they are waiting for you. Go discover Malaysia. You don't need a new currency & a passport forsure!



dey said...

put ...sexy nyer bear tu...hihihihihihi

putrirex said...

hehe. i know! i turned on! dey! im actually quite new with blogs. i cant view ur page .why?!

Anonymous said...

our journey at my livejournal

putrirex said...

okay will do this instance sayang! ;) thanks ...