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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hey birdy!

Mood: Adore
Hi. Today, I got another surprise from this sweet guy to KL Bird Park. It was really unplanned. Fadhil was actually did the pay back time, as he was been pretty busy last week so did I, we didn't have that much time to spend together, REALLY!

Okay w
hat really happened today was actually dalam kereta lepas ambil I, fadhil was like,'hey!kenapa I masuk federal ni?, hmmm.. (after awhile) Sayang do you bring your camera?' 'Bawak!' I replied. So then, he drove me to this place and it really didn't crossed my mind at all. *1 thing I adore about this guy here is because, he is very SPONTANEOUS! ;)

Meet Fadhil & his new friend, Australian Pelican. I love seeing you happy Sayang!!

Hey Peacock! I don't hate you because youre beautiful, I won't hurt you ;) Come to mummy !

Thank you very mucho Sayang for making my Monday an awesome one! I'm totally looking forward for more outdoor activities with you! I love you to bits!


Anonymous said...

Best nye~
Nak ikut!!!!!

Tuty Sugargosh said...

OMG sweetnya fadhil! dah lama siot i xmasuk bird park the last time was i kecik2 dulu

putrirex said...

@adik: jom la next time kita org nak pergi lagi ;) hehe. yang sedihnya our battery dead tiba2 so tak byk tangkap gambar ;/

@toots: thanks babe ;) last time went u kecik dulu? i ingat bird park ni baru la bukak like 2/3 years back. haha. kesian kan.