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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

AlFarrel's 1st Adventurous Night!

........ lamanyaaa since I last update my blog!..

Sorry lovelies! I've been silence for quite sometimes! How are you all doin'? Fab? Great? Well, I'm okay here. My family all well that's all matter. How was ya weekend? How do you say byebye September and Hello Tragedi Oktober? Haha. Awie sangat! 

I had a little family/ friend quality time.. Glad that we planned it! Eventhough it's just at Port Dickson, the memories count! Hehe. Oh! The Highlight of the Event was actually AlFarrel First Adventurous Night. We spend a night in a tend! Hoishh! Biasalah Fadhil mmg mcm budak yang happy baru keluar dr candy store bila I ckp okay let's do this with AlFarrel! I at first tak nak la kan nnt AlFarrel tak selesa ke apa ke. But turned out AlFarrel tidur conquered satu tend and tak berjaga langsung! Pffw! Okay... Let the picture do the business :) Hehe.. 

 AlFarrel tidur sepanjang perjalanan! The journey began like 3pm laidat? Meet up @Putrajaya nak konvoi with my friends.

The guys doing the thang! Maza being a lady boss whila AlFarrel doing his business!

 The wifeys taking incharge! 

 Team Work! 

 Farrel.' errrr bonda? Cali punya beach lain kan dengan sini..?
Bonda,' Haha!'

 Cikjah quality time with AlFarrel :)
 The husbs !
 A bit of Uncle Rizal & AlFarrel ! Rizal is going to be a father soon!!! Yayy! And of cos he wants a boy, just like him!!! 
 Bonda & Ayahanda AlFarrel :)

Yummssss!!! Made by love. Thanks Sayang!

 He brings us all together. Alhamdulillah! Soon AlFarrel dapat kawan k :) 
Mengandung nak baring je kan!

 Done for the beach! 
When Fadhil wanted this trip, I said deal mesti kalau anak poo-poo or nak mandi he has to do it! And he did it! :)

 PD state of mind :)

So After that, like 8-ish at night, all friends balik while the Ridzuan spend a night there! We joined the locals, pegi Pasar Malam & The Big Bundle there.  Best sangat! Perhaps thats the best reason why I love to travel. - simply because of the locals.

The tourist! Happy tourist!

Pasar Malam, jalan-jalan macam negeri sendiri tak ada pasar. LOL! After that we off to our camp site!
The morning after, view from our tent. 

 Si kenit terbongkang tidur! Conquer semua tempat ! Luckily he's okay with the idea :) That's all matter!

Nak masuk beach la teww!!! 
Memang kaki tu yang bonda geram sangat sangat tu!!!
Playtime by the beach! 
Loving this picture :) 
 What issit so very funny, sunshines? 
You make me smile AlFarrel!!!!

The monster in action!!!!

Hehe. So that's that for the weekend! We had absolutely fun time together. A quality one indeed! I love every single person in the picture. Walaupun just a short one tak sampai 1 hari but the experience that we spend a night outside camping, mmg brutal I like! 
We should do this activity more and more after this. 

And one more thing, - one story.
Like 10am mcm tu, I tiba2 had a major headache likeeee i can't stand it! Tiba2!
I suruh fadil yg kemas, AlFarrel pon tolong .. tolong sibuk . (hehe) I duduk dlm kereta mcm nak menangis muntah2.. Muntah-muntah epic punya!! Perghh! 
Terus balik rumah. The ending part mmg tak best sbb tiba2 I mcm tu kan.
Abah & Umi I call. Suruh singgah rumah, tp I ckp tak larat, I muntah. And so Umi terus buat statement. :-

Aiceh! Buat cerita je, but I know myself better.. Haha (tak jugakkan) Seriously no lah! InsyaAllah soon.

Okay till I see you in the next update.
Putri Rex

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