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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

His 15 Months-Old's Language & Cognitive Development

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is in the  pink of health. I want to share with you all and also for our future reference of Al-Farrel's Language & Cognitive Developement... 
By 15 months, the majority of children may have vocabulary. As for Al-Farrel (14 going on 15 months old) see list below the vocabulary & his baby talk:

My 15 months old toddler can also follow and understand few commands such as..
Heyy! No! No Al-Farrel!
Yummy-yummyyyy time - means time to feed u!
You want? And he'll nodding if it's yes or no! Haha
You poo-poo?
Come here, Al!
Bring me the ball,baby!
Look, cat!

Anak bonda is still not favour in walking. He really loves crawling instead! Let say if he walks 10 steps, then he'll mengada make himself fall and continue crawling! Haiiiiiih! It's okay :) I'm not worried at all, because I know insyaAllah soon he'll walk like all his friends.. Sooner or later!
Every baby is unique! 

 No matter what you are/ will be, insyaAllah Bonda & Ayah will always set a good example and will always be there for you, Al-Farrel! You are our ultimate unconditional love! 


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