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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Silly Saturday

It's been a silly Saturday with my family.. We stayed up late in bed even though we knew we had a wedding to attend. Did my laundry while the boys chilling. Did some ironing. Cook for Al-Farrel. Get ready for the three of us! What more can I ask? Everything seems go according to plan but nope. I guess I'm just getting used to this routine. Spending every minutes of my weekend at the time. 

Okay, so we had a wedding at Bangsar. Fadhil's friend. Skip that because I only give a damn about the three of us. That's how I define weekend. LOL Sounds selfish kan but I'm just making it silly :) Just kidding!

Al-Farrel is wearing his Romper with bow (second time) from H&M for baby as I have to make sure he wear it as mush as he can before he get bigger. 
As for me, I'm wearing a baju kurung, pesak gantung to be exact! Yes, baju baru siap. Just to share with all of you, my measurement lariiii according to my tailor masa ambil ukur baju kurung. Dayyuum! I guess after my mission tak makan nasi last month, and after that 12 days tak makan nasi. I makan byk sangat! Which I menyesal sangat tak makan nasi sbb now my susu dah tak berapa byk. Just cukup-cukup utk Farrel and cannot buat stock dah. Aisey! But I still bersyukur.Alhamdulillah.  K-lah, regarding mission tak makan nasi tu later later la I story kay? 

Speaking about my silly Saturday..

 My charming cheeky baby at the Wedding. 
Suka buat mulut macam tu kan!

 Because it's a silly Saturday, car seat pon tak nak duduk nak being silly with bonda kan :)

I tell you, it's a silly day. Tak percaya? Cekidau!

It wasvery spontaneous. I don't know what I'm doing but my intention was just to say Hi to Al-Farrel's Jeddah in CA and then goes that silly tips on how to have a very happy family. LOL

This is just my #homevideo if you feel annoyed simply leave.

Okaylah. Till next time.

Putri Rex

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Mrs.K said...

cute silly-ness! keep it up bonda! ;)