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Friday, March 2, 2012


Short note!

I promise myself to make a Video Blog (V-Blog) on:
1. My foundation routine 
2. Al-Farrel's favorite baby food (Special home made by Bonda)
3. More random home videos for future references!
4. Make up videos! We'll see :)
5. Food review for my OM NOM NOM Food Channel! :)

I've been tagged by a new friend, Elfira Nazri  and she wants to see what's in my bag!!
Oh which I bet, you don't! Haha
I'll do it soon, really have no time. But I'll try this weekend okay babe?

Love to show all my make up collection whichhhh I love to use daily/ occasionally. InsyaAllah

More episode for OM NOM NOM Food Channel

Oh waitt! How abouttttt a one whole dayyyy playdate and mommies-day-out ENTRY!? Will make sure one day, soon!!

Till then,
Putri Rex

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