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Friday, December 2, 2011

Turban Style #1

When I first came up with my new look, the turban style everyone was complementing and was asking how I do my turban. I was blushing and it was a always a good feeling when people say a nice word to us right? Lagi-lagi lepas bersalin. Of course! Hihi even people tak compliment pon it's ok, because I have my husband who always say that I'm beautiful :) Haha.  

So finally! today! I have the guts to literally make a video tutorial on how I make my turban :) 
It's a short video and trust me it's the first shot! I didn't retake or whatnots because someone needs the attention! I'll do better next tutorial, hey! #justforfun!
I hope you guys enjoy it and see you in my next tutorial :)


What do you think about it?

Putri Rex

1 comment:

Hana Ibrahim said...

sayang.. rambut u pendek kan? how u get the bunjut adabi tu? hihi