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Monday, November 28, 2011

Train Ride for a Longgg Weekendddd

It was a great escape with my little one to San Diego!
Imagine: Just Farrel and I and I've to carry a stroller, car seat and a our luagage bag as well as my back pack, and take those stuffs with us to San Diego via train! :) At first I was hasitated if it's going to be hastle. But! I've my son with me, he's been heliping me alot! I enjoyed every min. with him. (#justwishfadhilwastheretoo)

Loved this picture of Al-Farrel! I can just die looking at those tiny nails.
and ...I know he wished his dad was there on his first train ride. We miss you dada!
The scenery along the way was absolutely CALIFORNIA! Hehe If you know what I mean.
It's by the beach! Wonderful!

Snack time on the train for me and my baby! 

Are you enjoying yourself little man?

Farrel: Are we therre yet, Bonda?

Bonda: Almost baby almost ;)

It was a thanks giving weekend. Farrel and I had a wonderful time in San Diego! We stayed at our close family friend there. Thanks Kak Long for having us ;) We had a wonderful time during thanks giving dinner and also 8 hours worth of shopping during balck friday!! The second round shopping the very next day! and The perfect Sunday breakfast! Then, Kak Long send us back home :) 

I'm blessed to be surrounded with people who loves me and Al-Farrel. Hope to see you in Malaysia next summer! I love you Kak Long!

Thanks Again!

Putri Rex

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