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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Knowing you...

You see, Farrel and I are becoming very close and clingy to each other. He no more sleeps in his crib at night but sleep with me on bed, which I hope when we are back in Malaysia he will continue sleeping in his crib because I want the whole bed with my mann! LOL No, I don't mean anything. But memang dari confinement sampai since before we are in states, Farrel sleeps in his own crib, All I want is he has his own sweet time on his bed.
His privacy and our privacy. Kalau, we have our own house maybe I place him to another room. I memang have this mentality yg children are not suppose to sleep with their parent at anytime except kalau dia unwell or occasionally like if we have a pyjamas party ke. hehe. Seriously! So I'll train him back bila in Malaysia what ever it takes!! 

And so speaking of that, now that, Farrel and I are so close and clingy. Plus, I'm not working and so I always with him. And for that, I tak perasan yang kalau orang lain pegang ke atau I'm not around ke he will cry. I totally have no idea about this! Sebab selama ni mana I pegi mesti dia ada, orang pegang dia lama pon dia okay sbb maybe I was there? Until one time, my friend took Farrel on a train ride ..

1. Which at first he though it was me whos carrying him ... 
2. Then, he confused, that lady looked like my mom but why is she taking my picture, so who's holding me..???
3. No? Yes!! ?? It is bondaaaaaa!! Uwaaaaa

He cried worst! I never seen him crying like that before! Haha I laughed and at the same time, I was terharuuuuuuuu ;) I love you Farrel! Don't cry okay little baby!
Thanks Tante Gina for bringing me on the ride! :)

 Smile and shine again with bonda! :) 

ps: Haaa macam ni nak train tidur crib sendiri balik?! I dare you, bonda

You can, Farrel!

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