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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Farrel's First Play & Music at Gymboree

Farrel had a first trial at Gymboree for free yesterday. I went with my friend Wiwit and her sister Ghia. I met them last year and we became close and closer eventhough I'm in Malaysia. Last year when I discovered that I'm pregnant, surprisingly they were too :) Wiwit and Ghia were a month ahead. And this year, tadaaaaaa.... hehe 

 The mohawk little man Breydan (Wiwit's son) is just turning 8months, Farrel is turning 7 months in a few days and Ava (Ghia's Daughter) is turning 8 months. Andddd Ghia is pregnant again!!! She is 4 months nowww! Ava is going to be a big sister soon!!

 Brey and mommy :)

 Following steps ;)
Go babbies!

 Farrel is having fun! :)

 I didn't have the chance to take a perfect photos, but Farrel and friends surely had so much fun!

Other than having fun and moving here and there, I find it best for mothers to exchange their ideas and thought about babbies. Bonda really had fun there chatting with the other mothers you know that Farrel!
As for Farrel, I can see he is the type who follows instruction (hope so!) I said that because when the bell rang or the someone blew a wistle he listen and will find where does the sound came from even though there's a colorful toy infront of him!  This is from my observation :) It's healthy! Isn't it?

I think in Malaysia, they will give us a free trial for first timer too. Go check out! Tapi kat Malaysia kita have a Playdate aja la. It's free eventhough bukan first time hehe:)



Adlyna Razak said...

Hey putri. Just read your post. Just wanna let you know, there's a Gymboree at Tropicana's City Mall in Damansara. You can check it out once you're back here. :)

Putri Rex said...

Thanks babe :) yea we been there once for my friend's son 1st bday party! :) time tu farrel baru 3months kot.. :)