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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Every baby is different

I'm at the stage of life where I can tell you mostly my friends is engaged, married, parents to be and also a parents of 2 kids the max! I can tell it by my facebook's newsfeed. Mostly, semua pasal anak.  And some ada yang getting married and jarang pasal breakups la apa la (like my 15 years old sister case) ugh! So, I tengok ramai yang upload gambar anak-anak dorang, cute-cute sangat! Termasukla Akak (sengau mcm ogy punya style) kan! Yea, I had fun! I had fun looking at my friends' kid(s) progress. I'm enyoing it! Keep posting :)
But, apa yang tak shok tu bila I tengok some, segelintir wants to start comparing their kids with another. I mean come on la mommies! You don't have to put your own child down kata anak tak pandai itu la ini la, tak pandai lagi itu ke hapa ke.
i.g: ohh anak I belum boleh meniarap lagi tapi dah nak 5 bulan dah! (CONTOH!)

No, no, it's not nice to say that you know..  Bukankah apa yang keluar dari mulut ibu itu doa?  We should be grateful instead! Bersyukur yang anak kita masih bangun dari tidur, bernafas dan senyum :) That's all matter. There's some baby couldn't crawl at a stage where he/she should, but then terus walking okay! high 5!

Every baby is unique!

#just saying!

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Mrs.K said...

word! every baby is unique.