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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nasi Ayam Madu

Today, I'm cooking Nasi Ayam Madu and again it's my first attempt :) Hope it turns good! I asked Farrel to stay back and relax or else my Nasi Ayam jadi lain. LOL 
ps: How do you like my shirt? Thanks to Jeddah's friend for this custom made shirt :) Loved it!

Marinated cooked chicken get into the oven and broiled for 10mins. 

While waiting for the chicken....

 It's yummy yummy time for my little one ;) Snack timeee! He's so excited when I say yummy yummmyyyy :)))
ps: Geram kan tangan dia,boulat-boulat!!!!!

Tadaaaa... My lunch, again. Doesn't look so temping but the rice is very soft and yummsie chicken! The rice is overall jadi la :) Gotta practice more! This is bujang style, should have salad & tomato perhaps! ;)

This is my very own recipe, I just throw anything that taste like nasi ayam. Hehe.
Rating 3.5/5 #justforfun!

Love, Putri Rex

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Ijah EmoTemo said...

geram tgk lengan farrel. hihihi. aish mesti sedap tu sis nasi ayam madu. ngee ;)