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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Little surprise for you ;)

I have a little surprise for my little darling, that I've been wanting to tell everyone since the day I googled for the best lightweight stroller! After weeks of searching, reading reviews online and watching review on YouTube, I finally made up my mind to buy Inglesina Trip Hybrid Stroller for Al-Farrel. I almost bought Britax Blink Cowmooflage Stroller or The Volo Stroller from Maclaren but I felt in love with The Trip since the first time I searched for a lightweight stroller. No kidding!

So, I'll show you picture by picture because I've been waiting for the parcel to actually poped up in front of my door since Monday ;) 

 Look who's parcel is here! It was 5.20pm, and it's Friday. I was actually sedih sebab when I looked at the time it's already 5p,, mesti dapat on Monday ke.. but then ;)) I smiled big time!

Then, I ran to tell Al-Farrel that I've something for him, but he was asleep.. 
It's okay so I can read the manual and assemble apa yg patut ;) 

Thanks Pak Indra!
My new best friend,The Trip ;)

Heyy! Bubu love is awakeee!! I can't wait to show himm :)
I wanted to blind fold him, but it's too dramatic when I think again. LOL
I love you Al!!

 Al is sitting and waiting for test drive ;)
Al-Farrel: Need a hand, bonda? Or you want me to stay still here?

The gift massage! Happy half year old Al-Farrel! We love you everyday xx 

 Al loves it! So does bonda ;) 

So what do you guys think? I absolutely crazy over it. I will write a review about the stroller later. For now, I like like like love love love this lightweight stroller. I still love the stroller we have in Malaysia, we really do! In fact we really wanted you to join us here in Al-Farrel's No Boundaries Trip to California 2011 but you're too big for Jeddah car! So nanti balik you can meet Inglesina kay Sweet Cherry(the name of the 1st stroller)? We missed you!

Happy 6 months old Al-Farrel. I can't believed it when that fast, feels like just yesterday I gave birth to you. Alhamdulillah! I can't wait to enjoy the whole journey with you and Ayah! We love you, sweetheart!

Till then, have a safe weekend everyone! Stay in touch with your loved ones


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