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Friday, October 14, 2011

Beautiful Life Indeed

Apa khabar semua? We are all good here, Farrel is taking his nap. I hope I can finish this entry before he's awake. So, how's life? Pretty bumpy? Well me, semua tahukan yang I'm now in states. Yang baru tahu, iye saya di Amerika melawat Jeddah Al-Farrel.

So bila kita jauh ni macam-macam kita rindu and macam macam benda yg kita sebenarnya hargai bila kita jauh daripada kita dekat. Kan? I was actually putting my son to sleep just now and while feeding him, there's so many things came across my mind. Wow. I really am so grateful of what I have now, everything! Syukur Alhamdulillah. We might have not known or realized, in life, at least one person is thinking of us at least   a day :) I was overwhelmed today, when Farrel  received a welcome card from his step grandfather in Texas :) Which was my mom's ex-husband. That was very thoughful of him, whom I called Uncle Bob. He slotted some money from his grandchild too! Big Thank You! :)) 

Farrel is turning 6months this weekend. That fast? Al, you make me stronger you definitely know that! Everyone knows! So, I have my own fairy dreams :) And I really really want to pursue my dream in becoming a career woman (superbonda!) ceee haha and accomplish my mission in life! Al-Farrel and Ayah gotta help bonda in making myself to the top okay! I love you both to the max laidat! Tak tipu punya! ;) Though, I am enjoying my free freee time in raising my son, really do! You will be half year old this weekend ;) Alhamdulillah

My BF Turning 6 months ;)

Being a mother is absolutely challenging tak kisah how good or how cranky your kid(s) is/are. A mother is born when your baby is born :) I'm more than thankful(humbly) to what Allah SWT has planned and will plan for me and my family. 

Hugs and Kisses from
Bonda & Al-Farrel

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