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Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm 25 and a mother

For the past 25 years, ladies and gentlemen (ceewah!) , never in my life, I feel so much like a 'real' woman.! I'm 25, married and a mother. Never planned or see myself as who I am today. Syukur. Happy Birthday me! Thank you to the person who brought me to this world, my beloved mother for battling with her own life just to get me out of her worm and let me see the world. Alhamdulillah :) Mak, I pray you happiness in life forever.

 you always and forever! xx

Went for a simple birthday dinner with my girlfriends and Little 'penyeri majlis' of course my son, Al-Farrel Ridzuan. Excuse my husband, as he has to be in J.B for team building. Bummer! But, he already had other plan for me. Skip that for now :) 

We went to this new mall at Ara Damansara, Citta Mall. Still very new, not so many shops are open. Soon maybe. Dinner at Baci, an Italian Cafe. Very cozy and we enjoyed it. Thank you son & girlfriends for the company. 

The food.

Meet Farah. Love the hairdo!

The most precious god's gift I've ever asked.
The 9 months process + the labor experience +  parenting
Al-Farrel with chicaro 

A friend who I can count on :) Say Hi to Al-Farrel's godmother.
Taiko Tai. :p
KL gua pegang. Hahahaaa

The dates
 Incomplete without Ayah though, we love you still. 
Bonda 25 years old & Al-Farrel Ridzuan 3 months.

'When I'm 25, I realized that I should stop asking for things this or that, instead, I should embrace what I have in front of me today. Syukur Alhamdulillah.' -Putri Rex

Loves, Putri Rex 

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