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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gimme 5ive!

5ive more days! ;)

Azyan, she just came back from Jakarta and she blocked the whole week just for me :D
Thank god ;) I finally found the right color of tudung for my dress and veil. (hopefully)
July 5th, 2010

I'm at my bestie's house,tidur sini before byebye-single-lady :D

Nigh night! Sleep tight!


Ja Ja Sechan said...

bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaa... guess what, i like your postcard so much that showed to the entire office (practically) they love the postcard too! very creative putri!

ohh how's the plan to reduce weight going? berjaya? :D

putrirex said...

hiii jaja! seriously? omg :) hehe thank you. i pon tiba2 dtg idea postcard :D thank you jaja. i hope to see you in the wedding with azim ok? :D

haha. tak berjaya!!! i think i mmg meant mcm ni, dah tak boleh nak patah balik. sorry i tak update yg itu. i'll update more about something nicer soon okay :) thank you jaja!