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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dinner on my last 4th night before getting married :)

Nadira,the bride-to-be also! She's on the 24th July :)
Gimme 5!
Heyy remember my pink wedding book? I changed it to champange color :) Hello!

Dan sekali lagi :) They all (highschool circle) organized a dinner before me getting married!
I am very very thankful to have such a wonderful circle of friends. To the organizer, Nurbahiyah Zin thank you thank you and thank you for the last minute plan :) I really appreciate it!

This is the organizer, guess what? She is a superwoman with 2 lovely kids. 40kg. That's a motivation for me :) I love you babe!

Ok so we had our dinner at Eat Work Shop @ Glenmarie. The food was delicious and the place is very nice for gathering because it's not packed! :)

3 days left, wooott woooott!

Bismillahirahmanirahim :)..


Anonymous said...

i organized it cause i love my friend! OMGGGGGG ur getting married!!!!! wow!!! Insyallah everything will be perfectly smooth... will see u on your big day!!!! MMUUAAAHHH!!!!

haziQah said...

wahhhk.dyra nak kawin gak..congrates to snior2yg nak kahwin..happy for u guys..slmat pngntin bru :D