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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My surfing and browsing world

I don't know but ..,I happened to read my own blog like an anonymous and I think I should have shared with you guys what else I do when Im in my surfing and browsing world. Other that facebook/ emails/ craigslist.com/ youtube/google/ bbc.co.uk(it's good to improvise your English language) and etc. I also enjoy browsing for an indie fashion inspirations/ Hollywood attack/ The Kardashians/ look out for cool musics and more more. So here, my new Labels for my blog.

For me, I sooooo love this adorable little kiddo, Suri Cruise. OMG! She is too cute and the camera loves her!

Picture courtesy from http://justjared.buzznet.com

I have a secret to share :) You know, when I first saw the primere for Keeping up with the Kardashian at E! I was like..'oooooh another fake reality show,again!...' Haha but fortunately, I started to loved the show from the very first episode, you guyss! Hahaa.. Eventhough, everyone knows there are scripts and story lines for the show but I can see the sisterhood are real and veryyy family oriented Kardashians! I hate to say this, I ada la cry juga tengok tgh show. especially one episode when Kourtney last week before delivery. They went for a sister-trip! They hd some misunderstanding. It was awkward in the car while driving back home, finally Kourtney broke the silence(because she thought she was so dramatic and emotional) so she asked Khloe to stop because she has to pee! ;) Hahaaa LOLed!go watch!

Mason the baby boy! And Kourt the hottie!

Auntie Kimmie :) I can't wait!! Hehe
Picture courtesy from http://officialkourtneyk.celebuzz.com

So, yes. These are pretty much what I do when I do surfing and there are more actually, I can spend the whole day in front of my lappy just to stalked 'em! I love doing this, it somehow gives some inspirations and make me smile and from that I appreciate every little things I owned in this temporary world.

That's all for today's entry.Happy Thursay! Tomorrow's Friday! Life's too short just to wait for weekend to have fun, everyday is fun for me :)

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