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Monday, April 5, 2010

Dentist and Braces

Hey braces killer. 
I missed my dentist appointment last Saturday, so they rescheduled my appointment today! I always loved seeing dentist since I was little. I remembered during secondary school, ada check up doktor-doktor gigi datang dgn klinic gigi bergerak (dalam bus). I was super excited to meet them, I don't know why some of my friends were too scared to meet dentist (including my fiancé.LOLed) I mean, dentists are nice people (so far I met) hehe. Or maybe the rest had the most cruel dentist orrrr maybe they eat tooo much sweets and they were tooo scared to admit!??hehe. 

As far as I am concerned, I have no major trouble with my teeth except dulu satu gigi I kebelakang. So when I smile it clearly shows.. I hate it! But some of my friends said,'manis laa..' For me NOT! Hehe. Because you know, I used to have this cita cita to be a top host! Okay!! Hehe Ryan S influenced me that time! So how am I gonna be the top host if my teeth is not proper? *low self-esteem mode* hehe. And one more thing, dulu masa high school my friends make joke of me. We played 'truth/dare' and I kena dare. I kena show off my gigi to all of themm!!! Sucksss aite!!! :D

I really really aimed to wear a braces since school. My dad dah awal2 pesan, kalau nak kena kerajaan. But I have to like wait for the waiting list, that will be like 7 years more. That time was 2003, soo 2010 la?! Dang! Hehe Noway! But I still put my name there, just in case.

So I sayy, this is not happening! I wanna wear braces soo bad! I can't wait until 2010. I worked my ass off I do savings like majorrr saving!! I worked at USA if I'm not mistaken they pay me USD 8/ hour! Ohjyeh! Balik Msia last 2008 I had my braces on :) with my VERY OWN savings.. I am too proud of it, syukur.

So here, today I went for my dentist appointment. I told my doc if can we get this thing off before/ by July? It's my big day!! And unfortunately, the doc said, 'I can't guarantee you, Putri' ;( Ohh no!! 

And now I don't know apa dentist I buat sbb I ckp, 'doc, do anything you like as long I bukak before July!' there goes..I hate this pain now, it hurts me alot! Ouch!

My super cool dentist ever, Doc Chua! He always check out my mom! Boringggg!!!

Close up. Okay ,see that little spring?! I don't know WTH!?but it's effing *&$#((A!(#*! now, and still! And see that zig zag wayar?! The hell!, I hope it better be good! :)

Nevertheless, fadhil lovessssss to hear that I will(still) be wearing braces on my big day. Cute-katanya! OMG! I know cute, but not for weddingg!!!!.. Hehe..

Till then,
embrace your braces cuteness



dey said...

put, i hope d dentist bukak ur bracess b4 ur BIG day.kang kesian photographer susah amik pix coz silau..tihihihihi.i pon dulu bukak b4 kawen ;)

liyana embok said...

putri dear..hai..hehe yes i hope ur dentist can buka ur braces b4 ur wedd..oh putri dh nak kawin ye..
i'm hepi for u..jgn lupe jgn saya ye..=p..miss u putri..=)

putrirex said...

dey. i know i pon nak bukak before wedding.tapi .... haiskk! please! hahahaaa susah kan? masa engagement tu pon gambar2 candid semua mulut i terbukak la. mulut i tebal la. haisk! :) please pray for me. hehehe i miss you!

liyana! :) tu la kan i can just hope. insyaAllah i'll invite you sweetheart. xx

.kazrina. said...

OH Nooo I have a stalker! HAHA. from now on, i pun stalk u jugak! Put! apa tu spring2 tu takutnya! mesti sakit kan? I tak saba nak bukak braces ni.. tapi i bukan nak kawin lagi pun. hehe

putrirex said...

hiii nana :D haha..
mula2 the first week sakit sgt!and bila I ckp sakit, mmg betul la sakit! omg! tak blh masukkan makanan dlm mulut pon. kurus I :) hehe
tapi now, dah okay.. tapi kalau mkn tu annoying gila tersekat sana sini yang melampau. ugh! heheheh..

fara.rahman said...

i baru igt nk pakai braces. tapi bile tgk gamba close up u tu, rase cam scary pulak. i pakai retainer jelah.. ;P

putrirex said...

:) Mrs K! tak sakit la, time ni je sakit lepas tu okay :) Pakai laaa! mesti cute!! Pakai retainer je? boleh ke?hehe