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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am soo 2000 and Late!

eDear loved ones ;)

I'm so so sorry for not keeping my blog updated. I really missed blogging. Trust me, i wanted to update my blog for so long already, but I just do not know why :) It's not that Im busy that much, NOT AT ALL! There're so much things I did since I last be-log! haha. But I'm so NOT going to talk about it ;)

Oh! I hope it's not to late to wish you all Happy New Year,2010! ;) Any new resolutions for twenty ten, yet?! Me? Err, well I guess, I'm not the type who waits until 2010 or Monday to start working it! If I wanna do something, I do it right away! InsyaAllah ;)

So these are my highlights for 2009, and it has been a good year for me ;)

Bali! Jimbaran Restaurant ;) I'm so coming back !!

Met a lot of new friends from all over Asia was unforgettable memory :)

The best Roadtrip ever! It was spontaneous and scrumptious (LOLed) Kedah, Langkawi Island, Penang, Siam ! All in 5days ;) I loved doing it!
Pulau Kapas the 1st coming. OMG! I've to tell you that this trip was awesome. I was so 'budak pulau' I dont hv words to explain.

Again! a month after the first visit to Pulau Kapas, my friends and I went there again for a little research ;)

I was the mastermind for My brother, Aan's farewell Party! Long live man!

And finally, as for the bf&gf thingy, 2009 brought us into the next stage of our relationship. After 3 years of ups and downs ,he proposed me in front of his parents (only Allah knows how fast my heart beat was).
On 12/12/2009, his family came and officially met my parents and the rest of the family to 'memetik bunga di taman'

So jyeah! That's basically it ;) I hope you guys enjoy it and I'll try to write more and more every day ;)


dey said...

oh Put, u di risik ker? omg m sooooo happy for u..2009 was a great year kan..hope 2010 gonna b superb..happy new year Put..muaxmuax

putrirex said...

Deyy ;) thank you very much! 2009 was the greatest year. I hope you'll have a great 2010 ;) im talking about making babies dey!!! :) InsyaAllah kann .. Anyway, Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I miss you!

miSz cHa said...

KAK PUT3!!!!!
finally nak kawen da...mcm baru semalam kenal k.put3 yg gila2...
esk2 da nak jadi wife org!!!
congrats!!!!miss u a lot!