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Monday, August 10, 2009

from Zero to HERO!

Mood: Wondering

.. if we can put men on the moon why can i get the coffee delivered on my table on time..
Hi loves! Hows weekend? It seems like I haven't updated nothing about myself almost what a week? hehe (: , so you know, I'm now in my final semester and there's alot of to stuff to think about. I know, I should be ready from now. It's hard to get job nowadays, i can see. Even my abah pon sudah pesan. People are getting so crea
tive and intelligent. True! Because I'm too (: LOL. haha. So what I'm thinking now is, what people don't have? And what the industry wants. It's really stressful I kept thinking of what I really want to do next year and the following year, and the following year and year... (:

I'm no
t Yuna. I'm not a good singer, for sure! but that's just not what she has, she has the package. Her drawings are fantastic, her ideas are brilliant, her energy is jetfuel. haha and so forth! I get what she means, you know if youre not good in singing or ANYTHING, find something else. and be creative.

Okay here, another story of a friend of mine, Putri Noor N
awal. She's been a friend of mine since we're in high school. Not going in the same school but we went to a same tuition centre. yesh! we don't talk that much but i just adore her, on the first thought maybe because of we have the same name. ahaha. (: *whatever! Well, now she's in Gadis Melayu 2 (GM2) the top 12 yaw! She's been thru ups and downs in order to get what she wants in life. She loves broadcasting so mucho! She even top ** im not sure of Malaysian Idol 1. ugh! Itu yang I tahu apa dia buat, apa yang I tak tahu sure byk! Okay so, what i'm trying to express here is her spirit! She is very hardworking and she know what she wants in her early age. I'm very proud of her. 143!
So, yes! These ladies that Ive just mentioned are some kinda inspiration for me to keep reminding myself. I'm still aiming whats best for myself, it's about getting what I want in life ( I should not tell you here, ill keep it as a secret:) & everything I do is all for myself, my Abah & my family and my people around me! (:
ps: dear family, you guys awesome!woot!

Dear Abah, Youve been my Idol ever since I first learned my A B C & 1 2 3 .
I love You & Thank you! (:

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