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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Mood: Unskillful

Hi. It's a first entry in my own blog yaw! http:omgputrirex.blogspot.com . Yes! i feel unskillful & awkward right now, it took an hour to figure what should i named my blog because it was a very impromptu decision.

Anyway, Today, I skipped class & watched Transformers with Fadhil @ 1 U & guess what?: I slept ;) i missed few scenes & yeah! Boringgg! Then, we dropped by at The Push, Skate Shop, Fadhil wanted to get his stuffs. Oh, FYI! The Push has just opened today! Come & Visit them (in front F.O.S) spread the news! ;) . After that, we went down and had Carl' Jr to eat ( Donut & Aie was there too) ..

Well actually, I'd just want my blog to be like a photoblog?!.. because I'm not good with words.

Okbye! 143


dey said...

putri....u ader blog...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

putrirex said...

omg!i received the first comment ever! haha. this is addictive! LOL. i need help.

mYpRecious said...

u're doing great put.. keep it up.. keep blogging.. hehehe.. :p

putrirex said...

am i? thanks ;) still learning however ;) hehe